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The best thing ever for flies.

I live in the country-country. I can see cows, horses, chickens, goats, pigs from all of my windows. There is a cow I can touch in the other side of my fence. We have SO MANY FLIES!
This is worth every penny I paid for it. I’ve had it for 10 days. I hung it about 12 feet from the front door. We’ve had less than 10 flies in the house since then. It seriously impresses me!


Sending on a photo of one of the fly traps I put on my deck, I bought ten for our farm. This trap has only been up 2 weeks. I have had no flies buzzing around my door as of now, and although they do necessarily smell after a bit, just try to ignore that when you pass by and revel in the number of the flies it traps. You can dump it and any time but I find the fuller it is, the more attractive it is to these flies. I bought ten more!

Best Fly Trap Ever

After years of dealing with flies on our farm, we finally found a trap that works and makes a long term difference! The Fly Hunter is incredible!! Our livestock can graze without being bothered because the flies only care about the trap! Within a few days it is FULL of hundreds and still catches. Best fly trap we have ever used and will be loyal to The Ranch because this trap WORKS!

Christine Wertz
I’m sold!!

We have been using fly predators for over 10yrs but when we extended our pastures to include several more acres for 29horses I could not justify the cost or time to spread them so we tried the Ranch Pest Control fly catchers and have had great success! Horses come to their loafing areas for the day and any flies they bring in seem to be going to the traps! We will definitely continue using them!!!


I am on my 2nd filled trap now in a short time. I filled the 1st one in a couple of days. I see very few flies around my horse and only when she's well away from the trap. I hung it by my stock tanks on the fence. The flies were still coming to it so I moved it down the fence and hung a 2nd one. Now it's full too. Never seen SO MANY flies in my life! I bought more traps after the 1st one so may have to put up a 3rd! I've recommended it on my FB page and will again.